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Sacred Oils for the Journey Home

Master Alchemist and Priestess

An-Ra-Nae is Mystic Journey OM’s Master Alchemist of Sacred Oils, and a Priestess of Isis and a Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek. She is a facilitator of Sacred Circle Gatherings and Women’s Workshops, and a gifted healer. She has been formulating sacred oils since 1997 and her life has been dedicated to the Spiritual Path for over 40 years.

Her work has evolved through her Hathor studies with Diana James, Director of the Academie of Sacred Aromatics, and sacred sound with Tom Kenyon, M.A.— both of whom are modern day teachers embodying and bringing forth the Remembrance of the Hathor’s ancient teachings. It is also influenced by her studies on sound healing with sound healer Don Campbell, and vibrational healing with Dr. Leonard Laskow, M.D., author of Healing With Love.

An-Ra-Nae brings to her present day alchemy of blending sacred oil formulas her inner attainment of working with aromatherapy in Ancient Egypt in previous lifetimes. All of her blending is co-created at the altar with the Devic Kingdom of the Essential Oils, and a specific group of Ascended Master’s and Angels who sponsor Mystic Journey OM. All blends are sound activated by the Hathors Language of Light.

An-Ra-Nae moved to Maui Hawaii in December of 2014 and still currently travels internationally teaching Transformational Aromatherapy, conducting Sacred Ceremonies, and facilitating Activations for Remembering through the Sacred Lineage of the Ancient Isis Mystery School.. If you would like to sponsor her teaching in your area, please contact her at

Sacred Oils for the Journey Home

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