Sacred Essential Oils for the Journey Home

Mystic Journey OM
Sacred Oils for the Journey Home

Journey Of The Soul
The Mystical Journey Home

Each of us is on a soul journey
whether we are consciously aware of it or not.
In the journey of our souls evolution through hundreds of lifetimes,
our souls never-ending fervent desire is to find its way
Home to God--Sacred Oneness, Divine Union—All That Is
Back Home to our Own Divinity.

Throughout the ages,
those who were consciously in pursuit of this goal
have been called Pilgrims, Seekers, Initiates, Spiritual Aspirants,
and The Awakened Ones.
The process by which one attains the goal of Reunion has been called
“The Journey” or “The Path”—
Today we call it “The Ascension Process.”

Deep Within Our Soul lies the ultimate Homing mechanism—
the desire and longing for Reunion with the All—
God within and God without.

Challenges, Tests and Initiations

In Ancient Egypt, the Sacred Temples along the Nile River
were actually schools of esoteric or “hidden” knowledge,
and were known as “Mystery Schools.”
Students were considered “Initiates” and were taught by “Masters.”

After a period of teaching on a particular subject,
a situation was created by the instructor
whereby the student was given
an opportunity to demonstrate their “mastery”
or integration of the material.
This was called an “Initiation” –today we call it a “test.”

When a student proved their mastery of the material,
they were ready to receive the next segment of the teaching,
and periodically they graduated to the next Temple of Instruction.

Today our daily life is the “Mystery School”
and the “Initiations” come in the form of periodic challenges
that invite us to “come up higher”,
and inherently require us to change our life in some way
through altering our behaviors, attitudes, belief systems and/or relationships.

These life events provide us with an opportunity to gain greater mastery--
physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—
and thereby move forward towards the
Ultimate Goal of Reunion with the Divine.

It is in these challenging periods of our lives
that we often feel
“stuck” within our resistance to change
and we discover we need help in summoning
our courage, endurance, inner strength and determination;
wisdom, discernment, clarity and vision,
in order to pass the test and make the highest decisions for our lives.

Our sacred essential oil blends have alchemical properties
that will assist you in making life changes
with greater grace and ease
by raising your vibrational frequencies
and facilitating healing and transformation on all levels.

Mystic Journey OM Is Dedicated
To Offering Sacred Oils
To Assist You On Your Journey Home

Sacred Oils for the Journey Home

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